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Saturday, July 22, 2017

Neil Sanders : Now Is The Only Thing That's Real

Sunday, July 16, 2017

Exclusive satanic Ritual Abuse investigation

I have a window of opportunity in the next 5 days to travel to Northern
California to investigate an SRA case that involves an iconic family name and
Bohenian Grove.
If all the pieces fall together in this investigation it
could make international news.
This would be a filmed report and the trip
would include filming on the Steven/Carey Stayer 'Yosemite" murders as
I'm seeking new memberships or donations to fund this investigation. Pleave
to sign up as a member or email for
information on special discounts or sponsorship opportunities or PayPal
We have just uploaded NEW exclusive documents and an interview regarding
the underground room and tunnels under McMartin Preschool.
We have just uploaded an interview with Samantha Spiegel  ex-girlfriend on
John Mark Karr the man that confessed to murdering JonBenet Ramsey.
We can expand on both of these investigations and film these reports if we
can raise these funds.
Wednesday I tape with Neil Sanders about his new Charles Manson book and
tomorrow I tape a show about Escape From Alcatraz and its connections to Zodiac

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

DC Sniper Lee Boyd Malvo Admits to 30 more Shootings

Saturday June 17, 2017 at 5 PM PST private investigator and syndicated radio host Ed Opperman will interview Anthony Meoli, co-author of "Diary of a D.C. Sniper." Meoli is in possession and holds a U.S. Copyright to Lee Boyd Malvo's personal diary. Meoli corresponded via letter, email and telephone with Malvo for seven years. Meoli also recorded a 66 minute full life audio interview with Malvo entitled, "Interview with the D.C. Sniper" (2012) available on Itunes and Amazon.
On the Saturday evening broadcast of The Opperman Report, Anthony Meoli will play a taped recording of one of his dozens of telephone conversations with Lee Boyd Malvo.  Malvo confesses to an additional 30+ shootings in various states and names John Allen Muhammad in an additional 70 shootings!
This is exclusive information that the police or even the federal district court judge that recently overturned his life sentence of Lee Boyd Malvo may not be aware. The call is prefaced with Malvo's full permission to record this conversation.
Anthony Meoli has been corresponding with serial killers, mass murderers, spree killers and death row inmates since 1997. Worldwide, he has successfully contacted over 130 such personalities, and personally interviewed serial killers and murderers that include: Danny Rolling, Loran Cole, Lee Boyd Malvo, Kenneth Bianchi, Glen Rogers, Stanley Fitzpatrick, Phillip Carl Jablonski, John Orr (the most prolific arsonist in modern history) and spree killer, Isaac Zamora. 

In August 2012 Meoli published "Diary of the D.C. Sniper," co-written with Lee Boyd Malvo.  This book was the culmination of 7 years of correspondence, over 50 phone calls and a personal visitation. He has appeared as a criminal profiler or forensic consultant for the Discovery ID Network, Piers Morgan/Plum Pictures and the Reelz Network.

Anthony Meoli holds a Bachelor's of Science in Criminal Justice from Penn State University, a law degree from John Marshall Law School and two Master's degrees in Forensic Psychology and Clinical Mental Health Counseling.  He is a nationally certified counselor living in Pennsylvania.  He can also be heard on under Crime Talk.
Ed Operman is a private investigator, Digital forensic Investigator, author and syndicated radio host. The Opperman Report can be heard live at, iHeart Radio, iTunes,

Monday, June 12, 2017

Mark Ebner : Bill Cosby Rape Allegations

Jewel Star : Cosby's Love Child: The Untold Story of Autumn Jackson the ...


This compelling and true life story screams of betrayal, deceit,
and an unsolved mystery. It began when a budding young woman was lured
into a cunning and deceptive scheme which eventually became her undoing.
The tale may have gone unnoticed under normal circumstances. However,
the plot thickened when a famous celebrity, Bill Cosby, was the target
of a greedy rouse. The timing couldn't have been worse as it fell on the
heels of his son's murder. Ennis Cosby had been shot and killed the day
an alleged extortion letter was delivered to the comedian demanding
millions in hush money. During one of the most infamous trials of 1997
Cosby would face his adversary Autumn Jackson, and rue the day that she
was born. Jackson could do nothing more than look into her father's eyes
and weep for all that had never been. At least she believed the
entertainer to be her father. This complicated and twisted saga is
fraught with criminal and passion driven psychology. Who were the guilty
ones and who were the innocents? "I'm Autumn Jackson's aunt. I was
called on to be her traveling companion, confidant, and unlikely
bodyguard. When people asked me what happened, the answer was
complicated. A book needed to be written." Jewel Star Star is an award
winning author. You can preview her bio at: